Bethany is a primary contributor to the worldwide Holy Beautiful women’s ministry!

Holy Beautiful is destined to be the #1 Christian Women's Devotional Journal, Prayer, & Bible Reading Plan book of 2019! Holy Beautiful is an anthology - written by several Christian women from all walks of life - filled with real life stories of joy, pain, tragedy, and miracles. We've all been there, in the valleys, but now you can know that you are backed up and lifted up by an army of women who truly care. Holy Beautiful Women's Ministry reaches tens of thousands around the world each day with an incredible social media outreach. This book is a collection of our favorite daily devotions! We hope you will enjoy them with your morning coffee, late night quiet time, or with your friends as a Bible Study. This book includes daily devotionals with space for journaling, prayers, and a 30 day Bible reading plan with space to take notes.